Revelations | Brighton Fringe


By A Million Dreams Theatre CIC

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Age suitability: 12 +
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World Premiere
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Content Warning:
Swearing, References to Drug/Alcohol Abuse, References to Violence, Loud Noises.
Revelations is a new play written by Saoirse D Byrne that is being directed and produced by
Applied Theatre Graduate, Elena Yianni. It is a project that has brought 15 early/emerging artists
from diverse backgrounds together to collaborate and stage this unorthodox, compelling, avant-garde production.


“When £65 is stolen from a church collection pot, a vicious blame game starts to unravel some of the
community’s deepest secrets. Friends turn on each other, families break apart – and amongst the
chaos, someone is chewing up something much more sinister than a few missing pounds...
Prepare for shocking revelations in this brand-new play exploring faith, religion and power, and how
darkness can lurk in the holiest of places.”
£3.00 - £6.00
26 May 2022 17:45 - 18:55
£3.00 - £6.00
27 May 2022 17:45 - 18:55
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