Madman William | Brighton Fringe
Madman William
Madman William
Madman William

Madman William

By The Music Firm (UK/USA)

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Age suitability: 8 +
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Three men walk into a bar – a Dane, a Swain, and a Thane. Tired of their tragic lives and nightly deaths, Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth seek to escape their storylines. As they conspire to be free of their creator and flee their destinies, they are interrupted by none other than the author himself, Will Shakespeare. The tragedy escalates into mayhem and mischief once Mercutio arrives... Will the plotting protagonists prevail? Can Shakespeare stop his conspiring characters and save himself? It may end in murder, but whose?

Written by Naomi Claire Wallace
Directed and Produced by Stacey Haber
Edited by Paul Smith, Stacey Haber

Cast in order of appearance
Puck – Rachael Sparkes
William Shakespeare – Edward Cherry
Anne Hathaway – Stacey Haber
Bartender – Rachael Sparkes
Hamlet – Jack Lee
Macbeth – Duncan Campbell
King Lear – Graham Elwell
Mercutio – Joe Swift
Audience – Abel Dhamani, El Orch, Darren Staats, Angeline Hudson

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