Earth & Fire, Water & Air by Vince Licata | Brighton Fringe
Earth & Fire, Water & Air by Vince Licata
Earth & Fire, Water & Air by Vince Licata

Earth & Fire, Water & Air by Vince Licata

By Andy Jordan Productions

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Age suitability: 14 +
Online Event
The true stories of four real astronauts, united by a common purpose and fate many years apart, four heroes who helped change the course of human history and push the world forward. Their missions you may remember but their names you may not. An imaginative blend of accurate science and historical docudrama set in an alternate universe. It’s stories of remarkable courage are for anyone who has dreamed of going into space but who has mixed feelings about billionaires doing it to show off.

From the company that won three awards, including an OnComm, for its ground-breaking 2020 online play SpaceXPat. Originally filmed synchronously across 15 time zones, this online drama about space and time truly transcends time and space.

Audience comments: "Excellent example of online theater... wonderful use of Zoom... beautifully clear direction, nuanced acting, a powerful script... haunting and brilliant"
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