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JD Henshaw

Venue Managers Observer to the Board

JD is an award-winning theatre maker, producer, and event & venue director. He has worked in theatre for almost twenty years, curating and operating Sweet Venues for over a decade. He creates artist spaces at Edinburgh Fringe, as well as year-round venues in Brighton and Dundee. As a producer, he has brought work from all over the world to Brighton and the UK, as well as taking local artists on national and international tours. He currently chairs the Association of Independent Venue Producers as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, and is the co-founder and co-curator of several Brighton-based festivals, including FemFest and Brighton HorrorFest. JD continues to write and direct theatre, working with artists in Brighton and Dundee to bring new and exciting productions to stages wherever they may be.

On joining the board:
It's amazing to become a member of the board of such an important part of not only Brighton's culture, but of culture in the UK as a whole. I'm proud and privileged to get to work on behalf of Brighton Fringe's participants towards making the best festival experience possible for everyone, no matter how they take part.

How do you hope to impact of Brighton Fringe going forward:
I hope that I can offer not only my experience and energy to Brighton Fringe, but also help deepen the connection between the festival and its venues and performers. Sharing our ideas, aspirations, and best practises means that we can build a brighter today and even better tomorrows. I am looking forward to increasing the engagement level for all parts of Brighton Fringe, and helping to promote those ideals further into our artist community.

Contact JD: [email protected]


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