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Jamie Arnell

Board Member

Jamie lives in Hove and is a Founder and the principal funder of the Pebble Trust, a charity which has been donating to causes in Brighton & Hove for the last ten years or so. The Pebble Trust is a long-term supporter of the Fringe and has stepped up its help to get the Fringe through these challenging times. Jamie’s “day job” is as a private equity investor; he sits on the boards of several large companies in which his firm invests.

On joining the board:
"Covid-19 was a bombshell for the arts sector, as we all know. The very continuation of Brighton Fringe was put at serious risk. The Pebble Trust could not stand by and see the loss of such a valuable part of Brighton & Hove’s cultural life. We really hope that audiences will flock to Brighton Fringe in 2021 and help us to get the city’s performing arts sector back on its feet."

How do you hope to impact Brighton Fringe going forward?
“The Pebble Trust will provide support for as long as it is needed, but what we all want to see is a growing, thriving Fringe, which is self-sustaining and which has the resources to reach those people and parts of the city that are often forgotten. Beyond the financial support, I hope that my experience and connections will help the Fringe to achieve its full potential, to the benefit of everyone in our city.”


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