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Hattie Snooks

Participant Observer to the Board

Hattie Snooks is a writer, theatre-maker, musician, and activist who has worked in the arts industry for the past seven years. She has also worked as a performer and events promoter in Brighton and Hove for the past fifteen years. As a member of feminist theatre troupe Clap Back Club (winners of the Brighton Fringe ‘Audience Choice Award’ in 2018 and 2019) she has enjoyed sell-out runs at Brighton Fringe for the past four years and has also performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As a solo theatre-maker, she brought her one-woman comedy musical The Geek Shall Inherit… to Brighton Fringe in 2020 and 2021 under Sweet Productions, as well as performing her follow-up festive cabaret How the Geek Stole Christmas with Sweet for their winter season.

In addition to her theatre and cabaret work, Hattie performs as electro-pop act Queen Mab (Glamjazz Records), is signed to Sentric Music as an industry songwriter, and works as a freelance social media and marketing manager in live events. She is also a founding member of Clap Back Club’s community outreach initiative Home Safe Brighton, which has strong links with Brighton and Hove City Council, as well as several other local social care services, activist groups, and charities.

On joining the board:
I'm thrilled to be continuing in my role as Participant Observer on the Brighton Fringe Board for a second term. It's a joy to be involved in something I love so much and an honour to represent participants. I look forward to being on this journey together for another year and I can't wait to see what it brings!

It’s an honour, a privilege, and a joy to be a member of the board of Brighton Fringe. The Fringe represents a unique, eclectic, and ground-breaking community of artists, creatives, and facilitators, and its role in the arts sector is essential and one-of-a-kind. In such a time of flux, I hope that I can help Brighton Fringe in gathering and galvanising its community so that we can work together in a sustainable way, as part of an ecosystem where we all support each other and thrive.

How do you hope to impact Brighton Fringe going forward:
“As someone who cares about it very much, it’s an exciting prospect to be invited to stand alongside the rest of the board and team to be part of building a better future for Brighton Fringe. I believe that Brighton Fringe participants deserve ethical treatment, transparency, accessibility, and to be protected and heard. I know that I share those beliefs with the Brighton Fringe board, and I relish the opportunity to play a role in representing participants and working together to uphold those values. Participants bring life and colour to the Fringe – we are its beating heart, and I can’t wait to see the results of us having a seat at the table”.

Contact Hattie: [email protected]


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