Risk Assessments

COVID-19 safety for venues and participants

All events and venues will need to provide risk assessments ahead of Brighton Fringe 2021. These risk assessments will need to take into consideration keeping everyone safe during the pandemic: performers, staff and audiences. They will also need to take into consideration all the regular risks associated with putting on a performance (trip hazards, fire, sharp objects etc.)

You can find a blank template risk assessment here and there's some guidance on creating risk assessments in our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance document here. If you're a participant, we'll also be providing a pro-forma risk assessment in Eventotron that you can download and edit.

If you're a venue manager, you should check out our Fringe Academy: Creating a COVID-19 Risk Assessment with Hybred Consultancy.

The deadline for uploading risk assessments to Eventotron is 2 April 2021.