Making a Great Event Listing

How To Sell Your Event
Photo: Ayla Carli

Choosing Event Categories

Upon registering you will be asked to choose one main category for your event (i.e. comedy, theatre, exhibition) and six free sub-genres (i.e. absurdist, contemporary, interactive). Your first choice sub-genre will appear on your brochure listing and the remaining five will serve as tags on the Brighton Fringe website.

Please do not make your main category and your first choice sub-genre the same (i.e. comedy and comedy). If you do this, we'll contact you to change this to something else.

Events will be listed alphabetically in the Brighton Fringe brochure and there will be an additional mention of events in the Daily Diary section of the brochure.

Listing Images

You will be able to upload your listing image in the registration form. Please note it is important to provide us with high quality images.

Any image over 700KB in size should be fine. Please note that if you provide a low res image we may be unable to include this in the brochure.

Your image needs to be a clear representation of your event and should convey the style of the work. The image has to work on a very small scale, so don’t make it too detailed; ensure it is appropriately cropped without small text. Please make sure you own the copyright to the image you upload. 

Your image will be converted to a .jpg measuring 330 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. Once uploaded, you can click the pencil icon to resize or crop your image. Please remember images will be printed at sizes below 2cm by 2cm. 

Deadline for submitting images for brochure listings: 12 noon GMT 17 January 2020.

Example Brochure Listing:

If you have any problems uploading your image email: [javascript protected email address]

Examples of Great Event Images

Write Engaging Copy

Two of the main tools used by Brighton Fringe audiences are the Brighton Fringe brochure and the website; with this in mind make your event description and copy the best it can be.

When writing event copy for the brochure remember that you have a small amount of space to be as informative and appealing as possible. Make the description clear and concise, focussing on the content of the event. It needs to be punchy, to the point and make people want to come to your show.

Dos and Don'ts

• Don’t include dates, times, ticket prices or venue information in your copy, this will already be added to your listing
• Don’t put web addresses in your brochure copy, this will appear separately on your listing and will be linked to from your web listing
• Don’t include quotes that don’t have a source
• Don’t use slang words, unless relevant to your event
• Do include a quote from a review or a star rating

Your web listing description allows for more copy; 600 characters including spaces. You will be able to say more on the web listing so actor biographies, reviews and any other information can be mentioned here.

Example Brochure & Web Copy:

Orson and Valentine (brochure copy)

"Hand-crafted rod and shadow puppets tell a dark folktale of brotherhood and estrangement, betrayal and forgiveness and the struggle between nature and civilisation. Performed to live music."

The Tim Bat Trick Show (brochure copy)

"A funny, exciting show for children of all ages. Gentleman Juggler Tim performs skilful trickery and quirky comedy with panache. Audience participation and hilarity guaranteed. “Brilliantly inventive and amusing” (Cosmopolitan)"

Cuckoo (brochure copy)

"From the company that produced last year’s award-winning play ‘After Party’. A darkly comedic tale of manipulation and control fuelled by a diet of pornography and scotch eggs."

Cuckoo (web copy)

"From the company who produced last year’s award-winning ‘After Party’ (winner of the Best Show Award 2018). On the fringe of society Colin hides from menacing teenagers on his estate. His self-appointed minder Kevin wants his spare room but all Colin wants is to go to Disneyland. A darkly comedic tale of manipulation and control fueled by a diet of pornography and scotch eggs.

Directed by Geoff Doggs, with choreography by Alice Catts.

Nominated for the Best Dance Award 2019.

“A smashing piece of theatre" (The Guardian)

“…a perfect show…” (BN1 Magazine)

***** (The Stage)”

Editorial Guidelines

When writing your copy please stick to the following guidelines.

• Refer to Brighton Fringe as Brighton Fringe (not Brighton Fringe Festival or Brighton Festival Fringe)
• Use asterisk in the place of stars. These will be replaced by stars automatically before the brochure goes to print.
• When adding quotes use double inverted commas, with the name of the publication after the quote in brackets and commas between quotes. Eg. “Brilliant” (The Times), ***** (The Stage), “Amazing” (The Independent).
• If swearing please use an asterisk in replace of some of the letters. Eg. C*nt, F***, S*t, etc.
• If your show is a Work in Progress, please write Work in Progress not WIP or wip
• Use colons not hyphens in event titles. For example; ‘Joe Bloggs: The Best Show Ever (Work in Progress)’ or ‘Brighton Fringe: The Musical’