If you're registering an in-person event, download our handy registration guide with images, or read the text-only version below.

Download the How to Register Your Event guide

If you're registering a digital event, download this one instead! It gives a step-by-step guide to completing your Eventotron registration.

Download the How to Register Your Event guide

How to Register Your Event (Text-Only Version)


Everything you need to know about registering a live event to be part of Brighton Fringe 2022 can be found in this guide. If you’re registering a digital event as part of Brighton Fringe 2022, please refer to our other guide here.

If there is any information that our eagle-eyed manual writers have somehow missed out, or for extra advice and support, please contact Participant Services at takepart@brightonfringe.org or on 01273 764907.

To start creating your event, log in to Eventotron (the online registration site we use) at: www.eventotron.com

If you do not yet have login details, use the ‘New Users’ section on the right-hand side to get started.

If you forget your password at any point, click on ‘Forgotten or missing password?’ under the Existing Users sign in box and a new one will be sent to you. Make sure you check your junk folder, as sometimes this is where the password reset emails end up.

Adding an event to Brighton Fringe 2022 

Once logged in, click on Festivals & Seasons on the top banner to view the list of festivals in Eventotron. Scroll to find Brighton Fringe 2022 on the list and then click ‘Apply’. 

You’ll then be given the option to either; create a new event registration, or add an existing Eventotron registration from a previous/another festival. If you’re creating a new registration, enter your title and click ‘Next’. If you’re adding an existing registration, select the relevant event from the drop-down list and click ‘next’.

Home Page

You will be taken to your event registration home page, which looks like this. On the left-hand side, there are different sections of the form which you need to complete. There is also a handy percentage bar so you can see your progress as you complete the sections. In this guide, we’ll be working through this list from the top, and we recommend you do the same.


This area contains useful guides including this guide, our Participant Information Pack and Participant Terms and Conditions. We’d recommend you read through them all before registering your event.

Start Here: Event Overview

Select the main admin contact for the event and specify whether it’s going to be digital or in-person. After two questions, you only need to fill in the remaining fields below if you're applying to venues that've not already programmed or agreed to hire the space to you. The information you provide here will help a venue decide whether they would like to programme your show or not.

Apply to a Venue

If you have a particular venue in mind, you can search by venue name; if not, you can browse all of the registered 2022 venues and use the Choose Facilities option to select any specific requirements you have. Please know that you will not be able to fill out any more of the form until you have found a suitable venue and it has accepted you.

TIP: Venues are still in the process of adding themselves to our 2021 Venue Browser. If you have a particular venue in mind that isn’t on this list, or you can’t find a venue to meet your needs, please email us at takepart@brightonfringe.org or phone 01273 764907 and we will be able to suggest more options. 

The ‘Choose Facilities’ function has a massive range of filters to choose from, including space type, capacity, technical facilities and access.

When you click on a venue’s profile, a pop-up with two tabs will appear. The first tab is titled ‘Venue Profile’ and shows the fulls details of the venue, including info for the main admin contact. The second tab is titled ‘Interact’, this is where you’re able to confirm your interest in connecting with the venue. You can send messages to the venue through the ‘Interact’ tab of their profile, or by using the contact info in the previous tab. 

Once you’ve got an agreement confirmed with a venue, they can accept you by clicking ‘Confirm Venue Interest’. Your event registration will then be connected to their venue profile, you’ll now be able to see a section in your event registration with the title of your venue and ‘Dates, Times & Prices’.

Adding in Performances

Once your venue has been confirmed, you will next need to add in your performance details. If you can see the ‘Add performances’ button in the ‘Dates, Times & Prices’ section, click on this and add in the details. Some venues choose to manage adding performances themselves, if this is the case then you won’t be able to see the ‘Add performances’ button. 

When adding your performance details, select when your performance dates are, the time, duration, accessibility options, ticket price and concession price (if applicable). 

TIP: This section will include the option to offer different concessional pricing to the standard Fringe Concessions, or you can click the concessions themselves. To view and price individual concessions, click the ‘+’ then click on the concessions themselves.

You can edit performances you have already created by clicking in to them, you can also come back to this section of the form at a later time if you wish to fill out the other sections first. You should click on the date line, and the editing box will appear on the right-hand side.

NAME YOUR PRICE TICKETING: If you opt to use Name Your Price ticketing, you should set your 'full price' ticket to be the minimum price (this can be £0) that customers can pay for a ticket. The maximum will always be £20. Please do not add a concession price for your event

Once you have been accepted by a venue you can begin to fill out the next sections of the form. 

About My Company

In this section, it asks for the bank details of the bank account into which your box office settlement will be paid. It’s important these are correct.

About My Event

Here you can tell us more about your event. Information from this section pulls through to your brochure and web listings.

Box Office

Take your time to look through all of the options and decide what works best for you. Here you can also offer free tickets to accredited members of the Press and Arts Industry.

Ticket Offers

You can choose to offer discounts to families, large groups, or create your own ticket offers.

Web & App Listing

The information in this section will be used to create your event listings on the Brighton Fringe website and app. 

We used to lock this bit after events finalised so you couldn't make any edits, but we've decided not to do that for 2022. You can now come back and make edits to your web and app listing at any time. For example, you might want to add fresh review quotes or if you event features a different line-up each week you might want to update your web copy each week. You will not be able to amend the title of your event. Please note: there will be no printed brochure for Brighton Fringe 2022.

Arts Industry & Press

Here you can specify whether you’re interested in touring after Brighton Fringe, upload your touring pack, and register your interest in having a Fringe photographer attend your event. 

Public Liability Insurance

For Brighton Fringe 2022, all events must provide details of their Public Liability Insurance. We understand that this might not be something that you have arranged when you register your event, so this section will stay unlocked once you’ve finalised your registration. Deadline for provision of proof of PLI: 11 March 2022.


The music usage section is currently locked as we’ve not confirmed the music usage tariffs for 2022 with PPL PRS at this moment. Once they’ve been confirmed, you must state whether you are using live or recorded music in your event.

If you aren’t, or you are but your event is free or donations, you can select the relevant answer and move onto the next section. If you are using live or recorded music and your event is charging entry, then you must complete the Music section.

If your event is part of a tour and you already have a PRS Licence, then you will need to enter your PRS license number. If you don’t have a PRS license, you will need to add in details about the individual piece(s) of music you will be using in your event.

We understand that not everyone knows what exact music they will be using at the point of registering, so you can come back to this section at any time, even after finalising your registration. We will need this information by the 5pm Tuesday 17 May 2022.

Find out more about the PRS tariffs for Brighton Fringe 2021 here. We don’t have confirmed prices for 2022 yet, but we expect them to be very similar.


Additional Advertising will be available to book soon. Once available, you’ll be able to book additional advertising through a section of the registration. 

Participant Passes

Please add the names, roles and emails of the members of your company. These people will be able to collect participant passes from The Participant Hub during the Fringe and will also be able to access last-minute ticket discounts through our website, app and physical box office.

Finalising your event

Once you have fully completed the registration form and the progress bar reaches 100%, you can now finalise your event.

Please note: Before finalisation please double check all spelling, dates, and times, and make sure that your event copy follows our editorial guidelines. Once your event has been finalised, there may be change and cancellation fees involved if you want to go back and change these.


If you have any questions at all about any sections of this guide, please contact the Participant Services team at: takepart@brightonfringe.org or call 01273 764907