How to Register Your Event

A step-by-step guide to registering your Brighton Fringe 2020 event
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You can download our handy How To Register Your Event guide with images here or read the text-only version below.

If you have any questions along the way, you can call our friendly Participant Services team on 01273 764 907 or email




Everything you need to know about registering an event to be part of Brighton Fringe 2020 can be found in this guide.

If there is any information that our eagle-eyed manual writers have somehow missed out, or for extra advice and support, please contact Participant Services at [javascript protected email address] or on 01273 764907.

Logging in

To start creating your event, log in to Eventotron (our online registration site) at:

If you do not yet have log in details, use the ‘New Users’ section on the right hand side to get started. 

If you forget your password at any point, click on ‘Forgotten or missing password?’ under the Existing Users sign in box and a new one will be sent to you. Make sure you check your junk folder, as sometimes this is where the password reset emails end up. 

Creating a New Event

Once logged in, go to the ‘+ Create a new event’ button in the ‘My Events’ section of the home page.

A pop-up box will appear as shown below, so fill out all of the fields here.

Add your event title, join Brighton Fringe 2020 and add an additional editor for your event listing if needed. They will receive an automated email to let them know they have been added.

‘Assign to Venue’ will only be available to you if you are also a Venue Manager.

Home Page

You will be taken to your event registration home page, which looks like this. On the left hand side, there are different sections of the form which you need to complete. There is also a handy percentage bar so you can see your progress as you complete the sections. In this guide, we’ll be working through this list from the top, and we recommend you do the same.


This area contains useful guides including this guide, our Participant Information Pack and Participant Terms and Conditions. We’d recommend you read through them all before registering your event.

Start Here: Event Overview

The first step of registering with a venue is you must fill out an overview of your event. This will be viewable by venues which you apply to. None of this information will be shared with the public, it’s just for venue managers.

Apply to a venue

If you haven’t already added your venue at the start of the registration process, now is the time to start looking at suitable venues for your event and apply to them! If you have a particular venue in mind, you can search by venue name; if not, you can browse all of the registered 2020 venues and use the Choose Facilities option to select any specific requirements you have. Please know that you will not be able to fill out any more of the form until you have found a suitable venue and it has accepted you.

TIP: Venues are still in the process of adding themselves to our 2020 Venue Browser. If you have a particular venue in mind that isn’t on this list, or you can’t find a venue to meet your needs, please email us at [javascript protected email address] or phone 01273 764907 and we will be able to suggest more options. 

The ‘Choose Facilities’ function has a massive range of filters to choose from, including space type, capacity, technical facilities and access. 

When you click through to the venue’s page, you’ll see an option to ‘Apply to [venue name]’

When you click this, a box will appear where you can write a short introduction (remember, your venue will be able to see the information you entered in the Event Overview section) and select whether you you have already confirmed a slot with the venue, or you’re hoping the venue will make an offer. This will start a dialogue with your venue wherein they can accept your event, decline your event, or make you an offer.

Adding in Performances

Once your venue has been confirmed, you will next need to add in your performance details. If you can see the ‘Add performances’ button, click on this and add in the details. Some venues choose to manage adding performances themselves, if this is the case then you won’t be able to see the ‘Add performances’ button.  

When adding your performance details, select what your performance dates are, the time, duration, accessibility options, ticket price and concession price (if applicable). This is where you can specify details at a performance level.

TIP: This section will include the option to offer different concessional pricing to the standard Fringe Concessions, or you can click the concessions themselves. To view and price individual concessions, click the ‘+’ then click on the concessions themselves.

You can edit performances you have already created by clicking in to them, you can also come back to this section of the form at a later time if you wish to fill out the other sections first. You should click on the date line, and the editing box will appear on the right hand side.

About My Company

Once you have been accepted by a venue you can begin to fill out the next sections of the form. In the 'About My Company' section you will be asked about your managing company, contact details and any overseas performers.

About My Event

Here you can tell us more about your event. All the fields in this section are mandatory. Information from this section pulls through to your brochure and web listings. You'll be asked if you event is a world premiere, has an interval, the number of times you've performed at Brighton Fringe before and if there are any content warnings associated with your show.


The Access part of the form is where you can specify whether you will be putting on an accessible show. You may already have specified this when adding in performances, but it’s important you add it here too. This information pulls through to your brochure and web listing.

Fringe City

In the Fringe City part of the registration form you can read about what Fringe City involves and, if you’re interested and think your show would be suitable, can register your interest in taking part and let us know your availability. 

You can log back in and update this section closer to the festival if your availability changes.

Please note: This form is an expression of interest only, not a guarantee of a slot at Fringe City. You will be contacted to confirm any slots. You can update this section at any time as your availability changes.

Ticketing Details

If your event is not ticketed, then simply tick the box that says ‘No’ at the top of the page.

In this section it also asks for the bank details of the bank account into which your box office settlement will be paid. It’s important these are correct.

If you are ticketing your events, there are lots of options available for you on how you wish to ticket it. You can choose to offer discounts to families, groups or other Fringe Participants. Here you can also offer free tickets to accredited members of the Press and Arts Industry. Take your time to look through all of the options and decide what works best for you. 


The listing section shows how your event will look in the printed brochure. It will show everything you have inputted in to the form so far, you can keep checking the preview once you add more details, such as your event listing and event copy.

You will be asked to select the ‘Genre’ of your event, which determines which section of the Brighton Fringe brochure your event will appear in. You can opt in to have your event in additional sections of the brochure, but please note that there is an additional fee of £102 (inc VAT) for this. Please DO NOT make your additional genre the same as your main genre.

TIP: You are allowed up to six free sub-genres. After you have selected your main sub-genre (which will appear on your brochure listing), you can select five more sub-genres for free. These additional ones will appear on your web listing, and are also used as search terms on our website. Please DO NOT make your first sub genre the same as your main genre.

See our 'Make a Great Event Listing' page for more information on filling in this section.


In this section, you must state whether you are using live or recorded music in your event. If you aren’t, or you are but your event is free or donations, you can select the relevant answer and move onto the next section. If you are using live or recorded music and your event is charging entry, then you must complete the Music section.

If your event is part of a tour and you already have a PRS Licence, then you will need to enter your PRS license number. If you don’t have a PRS license, you will need to add in details about the individual piece(s) of music you will be using in your event.

We understand that not everyone knows what exact music they will be using at the point of registering, so you can come back to this section at any time, even after finalising your registration. We will need this information by the 17 May 2020.


Find out more about the PRS tariffs for Brighton Fringe 2019 here. We don’t have confirmed prices for 2020 yet, but we expect them to be very similar. We aim to confirm the full details of tariffs in time for the new year.


You can book advertising through this part of the registration process. You can come back to this point at any stage and process payment for advertising through Eventotron.

Finalising your event

Once you have fully completed the registration form and the progress bar reaches 100%, you can now finalise your event.

Please note: Before finalisation please double check all spelling, dates, and times, and make sure that your event copy follows our editorial guidelines. Once your event has been finalised, there may be change and cancellation fees involved if you want to go back and change these.