Fringe Academy: How to Review for Voice Magazine | Brighton Fringe

Fringe Academy: How to Review for Voice Magazine

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Voice is Youth Media Partner at Brighton Fringe, and they're looking for opinionated young reviewers aged 16-30 years to see shows for free, publish reviews in their magazine and help them to find the Best Newcomer to Brighton Fringe 2019.

Reporting from fringe festivals is an exciting experience! It requires quick thinking, quick writing and good navigation skills. 

How to write reviews for the web by Jake Orr

Here's a handy guide to writing reviews for the web by A Younger Theatre's Editor Jake Orr.

How to write a review of an event

You'll get a lot of people telling you that writing a review is easy, but the simple fact of the matter is that if you've never done it before, it definitely isn't going to be. 

How to review an exhibition

How do you review something that can be so contentious?

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