Choosing a venue can be a daunting prospect; there are hundreds of unique venues and spaces in Brighton & Hove, many of them ideal for use during Brighton Fringe.

When thinking about choosing a venue there are a number of different aspects that will be important to think about, depending on the type of event you are putting on and the duration of the event.

Brighton Fringe spaces and venues are diverse; some run as venues year-round, some popup for the festival time only and some are churches & community halls. This is worth bearing in mind when approaching your venue, as the venue’s experience of Brighton Fringe may vary. It is important that you are clear about your aims and ambitions for your event from the start.

Venue browser

Do your research, look at venue websites, talk to people and see what events have been hosted previously by your chosen venue. A good place to start is to use our online Venue Browser, a search facility in Eventotron that includes registered Brighton Fringe venues. 

You can use various parameters to filter your results e.g. capacity, staging space, technical facilities. It is best then to contact the venue directly for more information. You can of course use a space that does not appear in the Venue Browser or has never been used before. When setting up a new venue, check out the venues area for useful guides and advice, or get in touch with our Participant Services team.

Outside areas and Council run spaces

If you are looking to use a space owned by Brighton & Hove City Council, including parks, all the information about application and licensing can be found on the BHCC website:

The video below shows you how to see all of the Brighton Fringe venues that have registered and how to connect with them in Eventotron. Do get in touch with our Participant Services team if you have any questions. ( 3 764907).