Michael Graney Bursary


2100 A Space Novelty by Danny Fitzpatrick

An individual writer, company or collective will have their Brighton Fringe 2020 registration fee paid.

The bursary exists to celebrate the memory of Brighton writer and creative Michael Graney who was passionate about writing, the arts and science-fiction.

Michael Graney

How do I apply?


 To apply please complete the application form no later than 10pm on 24 November 2019. Applications submitted after this time will not be considered.


This is a bursary with a focus on writing and story.

In order to be considered for this bursary your play must be categorised as theatre or storytelling. The play may have dance, physical theatre and / or musical elements but these must be scripted. Work aimed at adults or children is welcome.

Applicants must submit plays for consideration that:

  • Have a Science-fiction theme or reference (fantasy / speculative fiction / magical fiction and other such sub-genres welcome)
  • Have hope and / or kindness at their core - Dystopian fiction is fine; characters can experience great challenges and things may not end well, though something about the narrative must have a measure of kindness, hope, redemption or possibility.

Applicants must:

  • Be residents of Brighton & Hove, London or the South East.
  • Submit complete, written plays and not proposals or treatments - we welcome new writing but it does not have to be. Plays can be currently touring or be previously staged work.

Selection Process:

The bursary winner will be selected by a panel of readers with Brighton-based company Cast Iron Theatre.

The schedule is as follows:

Applications open: 14 October 2019

Deadline for applications: 10pm on 24 November 2019

Bursary winner announced: 20 December 2019