New: Name Your Price

Fringe events are now able to set ''Name Your Price' as the ticket option when entering performance details into Eventotron. This will allow you to set a minimum price allowed (this could be 0) with a hard limit of £20 per ticket. If you're looking to charge more than £20 a ticket, this would not be an option. 

In the example to the side, the NYP box has been selected in the performance tags and the ticket price has been set at £2. This will then allow customers to select a price between £2 - £20 when buying tickets.  

Friends of Brighton Fringe 2 for 1 on in person events / 50% off on digital events

Brighton Fringe runs a membership scheme offering Friends of Brighton Fringe discounted tickets, special offers and the chance to buy tickets two weeks before the general public. If you are interested in offering Friends of Brighton Fringe a 2 for 1/50% discount for digital offer on your tickets this is a good way of encouraging this dedicated and influential audience group to attend your event and spread the word. If you opted to participate in this ticket promotion when registering, the Brighton Fringe Box Office will automatically offer Friends buying a full price ticket another at no extra cost on those dates you selected. On digital events, Friends will receive a ticket at 50% of the price. The Friends 50% Digital discount cannot be used in conjunction with Name Your Price Ticketing.

If you would like to opt in to this after you have registered your event, email:

Group Discounts

When registering your event you can also opt in to our Group Discount offer to groups of 4 or Families.

If you would like to opt in to this after you have registered your event, email:

Last Minute Participant Discount

In your registration (Step 5: Box Office) you're given the option to offer fellow Fringe participants a last-minute discount that's made available 30 minutes before a given performance. You can choose to offer a free, £3, or £5 ticket which will only be available to company members that have entered their details in Step 10: Participant Passes. 

Promo Codes

Targeted offers can be an effective way of attracting an audience, and can often prove highly successful for boosting sales. Be creative with your ticket offers and try to target specific groups.

Below are some tips:

- Think about who your target audience is -

Does your show touch on specific themes that might be of particular interest to a certain group? Is it targeted towards a certain age-group? You can create and distribute promo codes to draw in specific audiences: your play is about being a teenager so promote codes to youth clubs; your circus show is for young children so send codes around nurseries; your concert is choral so send your code to local choirs.

Giving thought to who your desired audience is and offering them an exclusive code means you will hopefully have an engaged and appreciative audience!

You can also track the take-up of your promo codes by running the "Promo Code Concessions Report" via your box office login. This will tell you how effective the ticket offer has been, and whether or not you'd like to extend it.

- Coming up with a code -

Be creative! Think of something that might spark curiosity in a potential audience member and encourage them to find out more. For example, if your comedy show has a uniquely interesting thread or punchline, include a reference to that (without giving the joke away, of course!) 

eg. Your play is about a dramatic family reunion on a Greek island - promo code: MAMMAMIA.

Don't distribute codes that are too generic - "241CODE" or "HALFPRICE". Too many people may take advantage of this when they could be purchasing a full price ticket. NOTE: codes can be up to 12 characters long and only letters and numbers - no spaces or special characters.

- When to distribute your code - 

There are two main uses of promo codes: to draw in target audiences in advance and to boost low ticket sales closer to the time. 

The former can be done in advance, but it is advised that it is limited or time-sensitive to ensure you still sell lots of full price tickets. eg. only 10 people can use the code within a set time period.

The latter should only be done last minute, maximum 2 days before the specific performance. These can be more generic codes and circulated more widely (for example, sticking them on flyers). You can regularly check up-to-the-minute sales reports via your box office login to make sure you are not implementing a promo code when you do not need to. The box office can also switch off promo codes if you change your mind.

-How to set up a promo code - 

To request a promo code, email no less than 48 hours in advance. Remember to include:

- The name of your event and the venue.

- The date and time that the code is to be applied to. If it is for the whole run, say that.

- The code: remember it is max 12 characters, letters and numbers only (no spaces).

- The discount or deal you're offering: a percentage off full price tickets or 2-for-1.

- The cap you'd like to have on the code: maximum amount of tickets or time-range? If it's unlimited, say that.

If you would like to discuss your options, or know what deal you want to offer and want to get it set up, then please contact our Box Office team on

PLEASE NOTE, it is your responsibility to promote and market these offers - Brighton Fringe cannot actively publicise these offers for you, aside from our general marketing - so it will be down to your own efforts to generate interest and sales.