Advanced: Define Report

To start go to ‘Define Report’. This will bring up a drop-down menu of the various reports available.

Selecting what type of report you require
(Please Note, only the relevant reports are listed below – there are others and you are welcome to explore them)

  • Allocation Breakdown: Will give you a snapshot of what tickets are available for sale through Brighton Fringe
  • Customers by Concession: Will give you a list of all customers who have booked concession priced tickets, able to be sorted by the type of concession booked
  • Customer by Promoter: Will give you a list of customers, booking ref/id and transaction reference numbers, full ticket purchase details, along with their customer number and post code for identification purchases. You should print off one of these reports for each performance and use it to verify all e-tickets presented on the door
  • Full Sales: Will give you a full summary of all events registered, total tickets sold (full price and concession) total value sold and number of tickets available for sale.
  • Full Sales Breakdown: Will give you an event by event breakdown of everything sold.
  • Full Sales Breakdown Details: Will give you a report of all events inclusive of those that have no tickets sold.
  • Postcode Analysis Breakdown: Will give you a list of the different postcodes of customers who booked tickets to your event(s).
  • Own Sales Summary: Will give you a concise list of total tickets sold for each event (not broken up by performance)
  • Performance Holds Summary: Will let you know how tickets have been split between the Brighton Fringe (On Sale) and yourself (Hold - Venue). Please note. The actual capacity of the event is given by deducting the number in the ‘Do Not Sell’ column from the ‘Capacity’ column.
  • Stop Sale: Will give you a summary of tickets left to sell for a performance once you have stopped sales.
  • Ticket Movement: Will list the total and net amount of sales and refunds (along with the corresponding financial value) between two sets of dates
  • Ticket Sales Per Day Cumulative: Similar to Ticket Movement but will give a running total up to the current day.

Define Report: Selecting a report for specific dates
Performance Dates: If you leave the define report section blank, the report will automatically include every event in the on-sale period. However, if you wish to find out sales for shows on specific days, you can input dates into the Performance Dates fields in each report to narrow down your search parameters.

Dates must encompass the entire period you wish to cover. For example: if you were looking for information about performances from 7th May until the 11th May, you would enter 7th May as your start date and 12th May as your end date.

NB. Though all venues and companies appear in the option boxes, you will only be able to draw information from those that apply to you.

  • Company: This is the company or promoter name for that event. If you are unsure of the company name (appears under event title if provided) or wish to run a report to include all companies select ‘ANY’.
  • Venue: Select the venue for the events you are running report for. If you wish to run a report for multiple venues you are running then select ‘ANY’.
  • Sub Venue: Select ‘ANY’.
  • Event: Select the event you wish to run a report for. For all events select ‘ANY’. For multiple events hold down CTRL and click on each event you wish to run a report for.
  • Performance: Now select the performance time you wish to gather information on. If you are running a report on multiple performances then select ‘ANY’.
  • Multiple events and performances: You can search multiples of each by holding down control whilst clicking on each option or by selecting ‘ANY’.
  • Promoter: Select ‘ANY’.
  • Transaction Dates: If you have entered dates at the top of this page then transaction dates are not necessary. If you are looking for ticket sale details during a specific time frame then input the relevant start date and end date here.
  • Organisation: Select ‘ANY’.
  • Specific Report Format: Select the format for saving your report document.

If you are running a one off report and do not wish to save the report criteria then simply select Generate Report.

However, there are ways to save, re-run, repeat and schedule reports without having to set them up each time you need them.

  • Saving reports: To save your report criteria and run the report again at a later date without re-selecting the information click Save Customisation. Give the file a relevant name and click Save. The report will now appear under Run Report in the main menu.
  • Using Previously Saved Reports: To generate a report you have already created, go to Run Report in the main menu, select the specific report from the drop down list then click Generate User Report. This will allow you to run it again, in whatever format you require.
  • Changing Previously Saved Reports: To change a report you have already created click Edit Report or delete if necessary.


  • Blank Reports: If the report is blank it may be that you have selected the wrong criteria that does not relate to your events. Input the details and run the report again.

However, it is also possible, in the case of customer listings or Full Sales Breakdown, that there is no information for the report to display. Please contact Brighton Fringe Box Office if you are not sure.

Run Report

This will allow you to run the reports that you have previously saved. All your saved reports will appear in the drop down list. Select the report you wish to run and click Generate User Report. There are also some existing reports that we have set up for all users. Please do not delete any of these, as you will delete them from other users as well.

Advanced: Schedule Report

To schedule a report to run and be sent to your e-mail automatically, select Schedule Report and click on ‘ADD’.

Select the report you wish to schedule form the drop down list.

  • Daily Scheduled Report: Input a start time and the report will be sent to you at this time every day. If you want just one report scheduled at one time daily, leave the end time blank and the Schedule Time Interval as Daily.
  • Weekly Scheduled Report: Input a start time and the report will be sent to you at this time once a week. If you want just one report scheduled on a certain day of the week, leave the end time blank and the Schedule Time Interval as Weekly.
  • Multiple Daily Reports: If you wish to schedule a report to be delivered more than once a day input an end time and select from the drop down list a Selected Time Interval (how often you wish to generate and receive that report). For example if you set the start time as 13:00 and end time at 19:00 and set interval as 2 hours that report would run at 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00.
  • Where Report is to be Sent: Input the email addresses of those wanting a copy of the report into the "Schedule To" box. One or more email addresses can be inputted here. Separate each email address with a semi colon. Example:;
  • Report Format: Choose which format you wish to have the report in and click Add Schedule.

3) Holds Management

This allows you to stop the sale of tickets for each of your events or performances.

NB: You cannot stop sales for an event or particular performance that is more than 10 days away from starting. The Holds Management option may not appear until April.

However even if you are able to, we would only advise you stop sales on an event more than 24 hours beforehand in extreme circumstances. It is better to contact Brighton Fringe Box Office directly if you need tickets back, or update your allocation through your Participant Login.

  • How to Stop Sales: Select the event from the list (only your events should be listed) and then the performance date you wish to stop sales for.
  • How to Put Tickets Back on Sale: To put an event or performance back on sale select the performance and the performance date and click Cancel Hold Sale.
  • Which Performances Have Sales Stopped: Go to Define Reports and select the Stop Sales report for confirmation of all stopped sales and any new stop sale request.
  • Log Off: When you are finished, don’t forget to log off or else someone could access your ticket sales information. This is particularly important if you are using a shared computer.

*NB. This function will not be available until late April

4) Log Off

When you are finished, don’t forget to log off or else someone could access your ticket sales information. This is particularly important if you are using a shared computer.

5) Fringe Box Office Contact Details

Further Questions? Please contact us for any of the following reasons:

  • Unable to find login details.
  • Wish to change login password.
  • You are having problems downloading reports or getting the details you need.
  • You are unable to stop sales.
  • All queries regarding ticket sales.

T: +44 (0)1273 764 905 or +44 (0)1273 917 272 (during the Fringe)
General Enquiries: