Take Part - the Basics

What are the important dates I need to know?
  • Brighton Fringe 2017: 5th May - 4th June 2017                    
  • Registration opens: 10th October 2016                   
  • Early Bird deadline: 9th December 2016                 
  • Brochure deadline: 20th January 2017    
How do I register my event?
* You can begin your event registration by logging in at: registration.brightonfringe.org
* Read our ‘How to Register Guide’ for more help on registering your event. 
* If you need further help along the way, contact the Participant Services team at: take part [at] brightonfringe.org or give them a call on 01273 764907
* We run regular workshops as part of our Fringe Academy, on all aspects of taking part in Brighton Fringe - to find out more visit our Fringe Academy page
What are the Registration Fees for 2017?
* Our Registration Fees for 2017 can be found here
* Register before December 9th 2016 for our Early Bird Discount.
What do I need to do before registering?
* Make sure you have worked out a budget to ensure you can cover the costs of bringing your event to Brighton Fringe, make use of our handy Budget Calculator.
* If you are in need of funding to help cover costs, take a look at our available funding options for 2017. 
* You will need to find and confirm a venue before you begin registering your event. Access our Venue Browser from the login page of our registration site here - You can search through registered venues based on your requirements and apply to venues you are interested in.
* You can also contact Participant Services who will be able to suggest venues for you to contact. Alternatively, you can register your own venue by creating a new venue listing, submit it to Brighton Fringe through the registration area and wait for it to be approved.
* The next step is to ensure all of your event details are confirmed before submitting and paying for your registration. This includes copy for the brochure and your online listing, your event image, your performance dates and times and ticket prices.