Arts Industry Showcase (WINDOW)

WINDOW: Brighton Fringe’s Arts Industry Showcase

WINDOW is Brighton Fringe’s Arts Industry showcase created to develop and encourage artists ready for the next step in their career. It is a platform for high quality, ready to tour, new work to be highlighted during the first days of Brighton Fringe (5 – 11 May 2017).

Each year 10 events are selected by a panel of Industry Experts. The WINDOW 2017 events are:

Cabaret From The Shadows

A fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music, featuring charmingly anarchic characters who will leave your mouth agape as they reveal the depths of your psyche.
They’ll play with your thoughts, chew them up and spit them out in the form of cabaret that pulls you through a crazy hall of mirrors into a disturbing world far more familiar than you may like to admit.

Come let devilry, illusion and mischief seize your heart and soul at the ‘Cabaret From The Shadows’!

“Political, comic, sexy and strange. Teatro Pomodoro have produced a masterpiece” (Urbanista).

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Fall of Duty

1916. An actor falls from the sky in Northern France. A hundred years on, can Sue and her son Jack, 20, escape political turmoil and an addiction to infinite warfare? Four people thrust together by war, song, reality, and escapism, but pulled apart by a century. 

The true story of Basil Hallam and Forces’ sweetheart, lesbian, Elsie Janis, recreating ‘Gilbert the Filbert the Knut with the ‘k’’. 

Nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Show Brighton Fringe 2016 for ‘Deep in The Heart of Me’, “incredibly enjoyable, endearing, utterly believable” (Arts Award Voice), "The sweetest of Fringe treats" (Fringe Guru).

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Focus Group*

“This parable of limiting life down to human usefulness is as beautiful as it is bleak” (Exeunt).

'Focus Group*' is an absurd comedy with a dark heart. Join an off-kilter focus group about brightly coloured cakes, and witness a man gradually relinquish the delusion that he matters in the slightest. Through TOOT’s distinctive style of interactive performance, this wryly comic show invites you to consider if a real connection is possible at all. And then go back to watching kitten videos on Facebook.

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The Forecast

In a backyard near you, in the not-too distant future, a clutch of women from far-flung corners of the globe float in mid-air. They have a new job: human garden ornament.

As the reality of what they have signed up for, and who they are literally stuck with becomes clear, what unites and divides them will be paramount as they struggle to endure the ordeal. 

Inspired in part by George Saunders' 'The Semplica Girl Diaries', Limbik’s latest show weaves stories, songs, secrets, and shadows into a bold, bonkers prediction for the days ahead.

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Network Diagnostics

New work from an exciting Irish theatre company. 

Kate and Tadgh have not left their rooms for a very long time. To make a living, they look for work on a dubious website called “Hablo Hot and Heavy.” 

An uplifting and hilarious comedy about love, loss, and... can we call it porn? 

McCarthy’s work has been supported by the internationally renowned Druid Theatre Company and has produced across the UK and Ireland, most recently in a reading at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre. 

“Octopus Soup Theatre is a class piece of work” (London Theatre Review).

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Oliver in the Overworld

"Tick, tock, tick... er, what was it now?" Oliver the Grandfather clock has lost his memory, so returns to the Overworld to ask the Clockwork King for a new one.

A madcap musical for 3-7 year-olds and families. Created by multi-award-winning artistic director Kinny Gardner with puppets, transformations, 10 super songs and daft dances, featuring fully integrated Sign Language, this is an ingenious and imaginative theatre show with big laughs! 

Showcasing our mastery of visual storytelling, it's bristling with creativity and humour. Lasts 60 minutes, suitable for deaf and hearing audiences.

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Shell Shock

One soldier's story of coping with PTSD. 

After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tommy's observations on civvy life are comic and moving. His emotional responses to Post Office queues, a trip to Ikea and his relationships and family lead to alienation and anger. 

Adapted from the novel 'Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins', the play highlights the work of charities Combat Stress and Help For Heroes and is created with the support of the Sussex Armed Forces Network and Anglia Ruskin Veterans and Families Institute.

“Poignant and compelling... direct and witty... engaging and haunting” (The Herald).

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1941. Egypt. WWII. An escaped German officer. A two day chase across the brutal Sahara. A triumphant capture. A hero’s return. 

1991. England. Jack reigns from the armchair of his rest home, a local legend. Decorated veteran of Tobruk. Former river warden, boxer, horse whisperer, boat builder, charmer, prolific father and husband to a very unhappy wife. Memories are, by his own hand, tattooed on his body, but dementia is eroding his mind. As the Gulf War rages, the past drags him back to the scorched sands. 

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Enter cabaret-land, where a troupe of insects have gathered. Foraging vestiges from our human world and with bold integrity, they tell us about their domain. Fantastical hybrid costumes, hovering words, buzzing soundscapes; the show is subversive, comedic and thoughtful. The utterly strange rituals, feeding and procreating habits of these creatures are out of this world, with their quick turnover of generations, speedy adaptation and intricate inter-dependency. But as the theatre of insects progresses, we realise they have an urgent message to convey, are we ready to listen?

BSL (British Sign Language ) Interpreted performance: 28th May. 

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Wet Bread

Adele can’t work out how the Tories are in power – everyone she knows voted Labour, and don’t get her started on Brexit. It would be much better if the rest of the country just agreed with her. Wielding placards and shouting slogans, she’s dedicated her life to putting things right (not Right). But the moral high ground can be lonely with just your outrage for company.

A fast-paced, hilarious show by BBC Trans Comedy Award winner Tom Glover, and producers of 'Valhalla' (Theatre503 Playwriting Award winner) and 'Dirty Promises' (Off West End Award nominated, Best Director).

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