Based on three real Australian self-help books from the 1960s, Yoga for Women, Sex and Yoga and Yoga Over Forty by Nancy Phelan and Michael Volin.

Are they out-of-date? Of course not! Kath (Kathryn Haywood) has found loads of helpful advice and practical exercises that are still relevant today to help you “stay slim for your husband,” “destroy your wrinkles” and “save your unhappy marriage.”

You don’t have to be a woman, you don’t need to be over forty and you don’t even have to be sexual. Join Kath as she delves into the Kama Sutra, finds out what ‘the four different types of women’ smell of and almost does some yoga.

Written and performed by Kathryn Haywood
Directed by Dan Mersh

"Non Stop Hilarity" ★★★★★ The Reviews Hub
"Hilariously written and effortlessly performed by Kathryn Haywood" ★★★★ Adventures in Theatreland
"A witty and genuine laugh-out-loud show" ★★★★ Binge Fringe


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