In a world with only 1 gun, 1 man stands in the way of world peace. His name... Sketch Comedian Will BF, his weapon: silly voices.

You blow the dust off a VHS you never bought but have always owned... You sneeze a sneeze only sneezed by those about to go on the adventure of their life... a sneeze sneezed by those in search of... THE LAST GUN.

Brace yourself for a multimedia sketch comedy whirlwind adventure back to the 80's and then move forward to what people in the 80s thought the far-off future year of 2025 would be like. Got it? Good.

There Will B sketches, there Will B songs, there Will B showdowns, there Will B hoedowns, Will BF will B there (unless his train gets cancelled).

Leicester Sketch Off Finalist 2022
“Preposterous characters with restrained stupidity” (Chortle)

“A glimpse into the future of British comedy” ★★★★★ (TCS)

“The best sketch comedy one can see at the fringe' ★★★★★ (The730Review).


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