A WIP one-woman autobiographical comedy show about the pros and cons of being child-free by choice. This biological clock may have nearly ticked its last tock... is this the Final Countdown? Is maternal instinct nature or nurture?! A celebratory look at life in your 40s if you’re free as a bird. Strap-in, it's going to be a bump-free ride!

Funded by Arts Council England, this will be Stephanie’s 3rd one-woman show. Devised with the help of highly-acclaimed and award-winning clown directors: Peta Lily, Emma Joy Edwards & Zuma Puma.

Praise for previous work:
★★★★ “The fringe is jam packed with solo-shows, but rarely are they as professionally executed as this one... impeccable comedic timing... instantly likeable!” (Broadway Baby)
★★★★★ “Gut-bustingly funny, daring & witty!” (EverythingTheatre)
★★★★ “Impossible to dislike... her quick-wittedness and brilliant audience interaction should never be underestimated” (VoiceMag)
★★★★ “An unstoppable line of wit” (Spy In The Stalls)


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