Who were the Vikings? Where were they from? And most importantly... what stories did they like at bedtime? Explore the wacky and wonderful world of viking legends in this storytelling adventure!

Join Myth-Fits for a mischievous tale and help Thor, the god of thunder, on a quest to retrieve his stolen hammer from a mysterious villain. Will Thor and his friends find it before the hammer can be used for evil? Or will their elaborate plan fail?

This lively and engaging show introduces norse mythology to children (and grown-ups) through a blend of narration and in-character performance. It is a comedic and informative journey through history, offering an insight into the life, culture and beliefs of ‘the vikings’.

Myth-Fits specialise in storytelling theatre for families. All are welcome to join their unique, light-hearted and playful exploration through mythology. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good old story?

Expect fun facts, audience interaction and plenty of magical mayhem for families to enjoy.


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