A split hour of stand-up from Will Owen (Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Winner '22, Bath New Comedian of the Year 3rd Place '22) and Rohan Sharma (Northdown New Act of the Year Finalist '22, So You Think You're Funny Finalist '22). For one night only, Will is lifting his embargo on all straight men to share the stage with hetero hunk Rohan (Will lifted this description directly from Rohan’s Linkedin bio).

Over the course of an hour, the pair will cover everything from Britney Spears to Hinduism, PrEP to racist taxi drivers (you’ll never guess who is talking about which), for a night of irreverent and offbeat jokes and what The 730 Review once described as "an absolute surplus of talent".

Even though the two are different in so many ways, hopefully this shared hour will help both of them and the audience discover what they have in common (other than the Pussycat Dolls’ version of ‘Jai Ho!’). Come along to see two of the funniest comedians from the show’s poster.


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