Apart but together, Nova Grace Productions with choreographer Karen Hill, worked with professional dancers on Zoom during lockdown, to push the spacial limits of their homes. It became their coping mechanism.

They worked remotely over 9 months creating and rehearsing four 15-minute sections which they shared with a virtual audience in December 2020 – a unique moment in history.

Since then, the project has become a channel for community healing. No-one was left untouched by Covid. So many loved ones lost, so many families separated, so much of society was broken – it was an experience of group trauma.

This moving in-person reflection on the pandemic looks at both what we lived through, and the after-effects. From vaccines to masks, from social distance to hugs, the piece captures the strange times we lived through as a moment in history. Healing will come from talking about it so there will be a 30-minute Q&A with the dancers after the show.


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