Ten years after a horrible crime tore them apart, two lovers reunite at the worst time. Guilt, rage, and love collide in this new play with music by Joe Eason (1,000 Suns, Luck of the Draw). Directed by Noah Alfred Pantano (Standing On A Nail).

A small live band perform a score that is both haunting and uplifting as this story of regret and second chances unfolds. The piece deals with a legion of themes; poverty, addiction, generational trauma, repressed love, etc. but the theme that overrides all of these is the courage it takes to reach for others and break out of the lonely comfort of solitude.

Two Come Home explores the realities of being gay in an impoverished rural community and the ways guilt, rage, and love define our relationships. It centres on the fractured relationships a young man named Evan has to his family and his former lover. In addition, the play has a queer creative team working on-stage and behind the scenes to make this show possible.

Details on the team, behind-the-scenes images, and the original soundtrack can be found by visiting: www.twocomehomeplay.com


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