THREE is an observational comedy brought to you by new writer Christie Peto. We follow 'Woman' and her inner voice 'Patch' on a journey of self-discovery, doubt & hope. The ordinariness of Woman's everyday existence is thrown under a microscope, laced with heartbreak and humour. This witty piece may have you in stitches whilst reaching for the tissues and will leave you feeling heartwarmingly grounded. At its core, it is a raw piece of writing by Peto about what it means to be human.


"If you’ve ever responded to an email with the phrase “no worries if not” then you’re bound to find Three agonisingly relatable." (London Pub Theatres)

"It’s a small story with massive implications, elegantly capturing the quiet distress caused by modern life, and somehow leaving audience members with a bit of hope for Peto and for themselves." (Theatre Reviews Hub)

First performed at Dangerosity's Four Pairs of Shorts Festival in Soho, London, audience reaction has been universally positive:

"I haven’t heard the subtleties of mental health spoken back to me in this way, and few things have brought me that much jubilation and heartbreak."

"I want to watch it again - so moving, perfectly balanced."

"I felt like I was watching and hearing myself, it made me feel uplifted and not alone to see other people have thoughts and feelings like this."

"Such charm and style – properly captures what it feels like to have a brain."

"At times, we were teary-eyed, at times laughing. Thought-provoking, life-affirming and heart-warming, and the direction is on point"


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