“Fantastic, a really clever collage of the personal and political, and the parallel narrative threads ran deep and hit home hard. An important and highly original film.” (Melita Dennett, Radio Reverb)

A screening combined with a Q&A of a new movie by local filmmaker Martin Nichols. This deeply personal film looks at post-Brexit UK through the eyes of Martin's father, Evan. He was a private in World War Two and enthusiastically voted for the transformational 1945 Labour government - a government that gave us the NHS, decent social housing and so much more. THERE’S ANOTHER COUNTRY asks a very simple question: what would Evan make of his country today?

Nichols' multi-genre film uses both found and newly shot Super 8 footage - which replicates the visual ‘look’ of the post-war consensus. It weaves two huge social upheavals together: our present-day experience of the pandemic and his parents’ generation’s suffering in the war. In seeking to understand the roots of both his own family's breakdown as well as recent political storms in the nation as a whole, THERE’S ANOTHER COUNTRY finally travels back in time to revisit Evan’s home town Senghenydd in South Wales. This was the site in 1913 of the biggest - and almost entirely forgotten - industrial disaster ever to happen in the UK.

What are the ghosts that haunt us? And how can we exorcise them? Can we find the confidence to build another country again, just as the Attlee government started to do in 1945? There will be a discussion after the screening in which we can hopefully sort everything out...


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