Come and tune into The WRöNG CHANNEL.!?
Your senses will be caressed and questioned while we surf through this surreal chat show hosted by the immiscible Wrong Numba who will be existentially exploring our current affairs and how to handle them...??!
This multi-sensory delight will aim to bring an informed safe space to those lost in space...and time...and...?!

Come to ALL shows to earn your chance to be awarded the golden ticket to also join us on THE WRöNG PLANET...
(look out for listings!)
ALL diversities hoped for - ONLY PAY WHAT YOU CAN!
Music & dancing till closing/world ends!
<3 “The Wrong Numba is an enigmatic force of nature - Spitting Image meets David Hoyle in the style of MTV on acid.” (The Rose Hill) “Beautifully bizarre and hilarious character providing a strong structural backbone to the chaos around her” (Simon Wilkinson, BRiGHTBLACK) The live-stream version of this event is on Zoom and you will need to have Zoom downloaded before joining<3


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