A girl called Lemon is looking for her lover, Cactus.
She realises Cactus left her, and is on the other side of the door.
Lemon tries to talk to Cactus, she desperately wants Cactus back. But she doesn't hear anything from him.
All the people she loved disappeared through that door but she couldn't open it.
Why did they leave her alone in the waiting room? Why can't she open the door?
Whose door is it if you can't open the door? What's there behind the door?

This play explores the attachment-type theory, especially the anxious attachment type.
How was your first relationship? Was it a massive fail? Or quite successful?
What's the reason we're not good at it? Where's it come from?

This is an eccentric surreal play, but very funny, touching and easily understandable.
It contains beautiful physical movement, dream-like words and a weird song about watermelon.
Please join her journey for escaping the waiting room.


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