BEN WEAVER is in the city wearing his best suit, preparing for an interview eating a croissant.

An almond croissant, when... he witnesses a death.

In shock, Ben does his best to help and picks up deadman's lanyard which is left on the floor.

But as BEN puts the lanyard around his neck, he transforms into the deadman - BEN MANAGER, and begins his relentless rise up the building, and up the corporate structure at MONOLITH INDUSTRIES.

Now he just needs to work out what the hell he's meant to be doing.

The Unstoppable Rise of Ben Manager is a absurd satire about making progress, hitting targets and bullshit jobs. Ever had a bullshit job? Well, then there's a little bit of Ben Manager in you.

This is the first solo show from Jack Parris (Brighton People's Theatre, Bunkum Theatre) and is a wild, violent and absurd physical comedy with live scored music and songs.


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