“Last night’s performance was so utterly moving - a human story brought to life... a collaborative wondrous experience that touched every part of my being.” (Audience member, 2022)

A concertplay (where music and theatre collide) by Clare Norburn and directed by BAFTA-nominated Nicholas Renton.

Spain, 1492. At twilight on her final night in Seville, a Jewish woman (Suzanne Ahmet - @sohoplace, The King’s Head Theatre) lights the lamps. She is being forced to leave Spain and set sail for an uncertain future. Her story echoes down the ages to the personal stories of people affected by politics and war today. She tunes into voices of a community of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women from across the Spanish peninsula.

Down the centuries, women’s stories of integration, love, the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish peninsula and racial intolerance are played out to a soundtrack of plaintive Sephardic songs and lively medieval music performed by The Telling, with full staging and stunning lighting.


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