In a stunning twist, the Ha Ha Horror Show sees the iconic Great Mortar emerging from retirement, promising a spectacle that transcends the realms of comedy and horror. However, just moments before the curtains rise, tragedy strikes as Mortar succumbs to his most famous trick, leaving the audience in shocked anticipation.

Enter Tom Short, the unassuming understudy and 2019 finalist of the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year. Filling the shoes of the legendary Mortar is no small feat, but Short steps into the spotlight, embodying the essence of Low Key Keyser Soze, as aptly described by the British Comedy Guide.

The show's acclaim extends beyond the stage, having clinched the prestigious Liam Byrne Award. Critics hail its Cooper-esque charm, noting that it could give Les Dawson a run for his money, a sentiment echoed by the North West End. Starburst Magazine recognizes the show as "one-to-watch," solidifying its reputation as an emerging force in the comedy-horror genre.

As the Ha Ha Horror Show unfolds, Short seamlessly navigates the delicate balance between humor and the macabre, breathing new life into Mortar's legacy. The unexpected passing of the Great Mortar becomes a poignant backdrop to the evening, creating an atmosphere of both celebration and reflection on the ephemeral nature of comedic brilliance.


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