Ben and Chris have discovered the internet and now they can’t stop. Join them for a whimsical and disturbing tour of pop culture’s lesser-known niches as they brain-dump their gratuitous "research" in a series of hilarious PowerPoint lectures, with different bizarro topics every night.

“Ben Bailey and Chris Parkinson make a perfect double act, combining the best elements of stand-up with weird, funny and fascinating PowerPoint lectures. Who wouldn’t want to know more about tapirs and board games called Baconopoly??” (David Bramwell, Catalyst Club)

"Chris Parkinson - Famous Poet and Ben Bailey have both given awesome bavards at the Bavard Bar, on topics as diverse as the eating habits of politicians, Tintin, board games and zines. The prospect of a double-act from them is salivating. Check this event out, you'll be in for a visual and audible treat." (Tim Crook, Bavard Bar)


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