Today's late-stage capitalist society is causing us to suffer a huge disconnection from our inner selves, we ache for a place to be vulnerable, and to soften in a safe environment.

The circle is a creative space for those who need a long moment to be present and alive in the archetypal womb. This workshop is gender-inclusive, giving people on the entire gender spectrum the opportunity to experience an act of symbolic menstruation.

This ancestral practice can become a ritual for helping us to reconnect with ourselves and others more deeply, moving towards communion and self-transcendence.

The workshop, led by two experienced guides, will immerse you in a space adorned with red velvet and atmospheric music. We invite you to take part in interactive performance art, including movement, breathwork and open dialogue on themes of life, death and rebirth as a ceremony. Audience participation is encouraged during the event, since together we complete the circle.


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