Affectionate musical comedy tribute to a thoroughly modern, fully empowered female role model – a woman who headed up a country and united a commonwealth for over 70 years, earning respect, admiration & affection from around the world.

This powerful, colourful lady head of state reflects on her long life and reveals her all to her people – her undying love for her corgis, the men in her life, her singlehanded success at forging peace processes, with a surprise coming out at 96.

"Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety"

You are commanded to join Her Majesty for tea, free cake and biscuits, and a glimpse into unseen aspects of her life. With audience participation, SingalongaLiz, Shakespeare and quiz. We may mourn her passing and the end of an era, but HM would not have wished us to be miserable.

Don't miss the UK’s answer to Mrs Maisel! Handbag, the regal older lady’s Fleabag!


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