Andrea Burke-Bottom is a former alpha-wife and wannabe trad-wife. Despite her allegiance to the trad-wife movement, Andrea continues to struggle with her will to dominate.

Having quit her job as a successful attorney to focus on being the perfect wife, she developed a series of devices that work to shut down her alpha ways.

So pleased with the effectiveness of her devices, Andrea went on to found ‘The Make Marriage Worx Group’ (MMWG) – the No. 1 trad-wife retailer, specialising in experiential parties.

Andrea and singer and trad-wife pal, Birdie, invite you to a MMWG party, where you can see the devices in action, have a go if you’re feeling saucy, and place an order!

This show shines a light on internalised misogyny and the ‘pick me’ culture.
This is a WiP piece, premiering at the Brighton Fringe 2023.


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