Steve, a successful chef and bistro owner, is suddenly thrown into the maelstrom of a global pandemic. Facing financial ruin and being forced into an unsuccessful life of crime, Steve teeters on the brink of succumbing to the hopelessness of the human struggle. Only an ironic twist of fate can light his path back to what he truly loves.

'THE HEIST' is a melodrama, a rich emotional playground, where a solo actor with four distinctively different masks examines contemporary capitalism and emotional despair on an empty stage through physical comedy, live music and movement. Director Lee Delong tells the story of the human condition in a surprisingly alluring, tender and charming way.
Delong’s musical underscoring and sound add colour to Steve’s emotional rollercoaster and provide a soundscape that fills the empty space.

This event is suitable for deaf audiences.

Written and directed by Lee Delong | With Ralf Wetzel | Music with Max Charue | Masks by Ralf Wetzel | Song "Drowning" by Lee Delong

Part of the International Clown and Mask Festival "Uncommon Comedy". With the support of the Diplomatic Representation of the Government of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium) in the UK.


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