Dive into The Flying Bubble Show, where dreams and reality blur in a breathtaking fusion of bubble magic and aerial flying. Watch in wonder as Maxwell the Bubbleologist takes to the sky, performing astonishing feats whilst making millions of shimmering bubbles. This is aerial bubble ballet at its most magical—bubbles spiralling in double helix formations and Maxwell defying gravity with every leap and twirl.

Experience a performance where imagination takes flight, and the impossible comes to life right before your eyes. With each move, Maxwell combines the artistry of bubble-making with the thrill of flying, creating a spectacle that's both dreamlike and daring.

The Flying Bubble Show at the Brighton Fringe is your ticket to a world where bubbles and people float, dance, and defy expectations. It's an unforgettable adventure into a realm where fantasy and reality dance in perfect harmony. Prepare for a show that will captivate, amaze, and leave you in awe. This isn't just a performance; it's a journey into the heart of wonder.


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