Actor and pianist Michael Lunts presents a one-man show with live music in which he portrays the composer Edward Elgar towards the end of his life, coming to terms with the death of his wife Alice, with whom he had a complex relationship. Herself an inspiration for the famous Enigma Variations, Elgar revisits this ground-breaking early work as he prepares a new edition, a work that had put him on the musical map over twenty years earlier. But what of the other women hidden within the work's musical portraits? And who, ultimately, was Edward Elgar, an enigmatic man whose life was itself a puzzle? In this performance the Enigma Variations are played live in a special piano transcription made by Elgar himself, alongside the ever-popular 'Salut d'Amour', dedicated to the composer's wife.

Michael Lunts has travelled the world performing his varied repertoire of one-man shows and his portrayal of Chopin in 'The Last Ballade' won a nomination for best actor at the Brighton Fringe back in 2006. His first show about the composer, 'Winter in Majorca' was called '"A seamless interweaving of words and music, a performance of unmistakeable distinction" (The Guardian) and "A spellbinding study of Chopin'" by (The Independent).


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