The 2023 sell-out show returns!

This is NOT a show about mental health. In fact, this is NOT a show. THIS is a disorder.

We’re just joking. We’re HALF joking. We’re BORDERLINE joking.

Have we rehearsed it? Possibly.

Have we written it? It depends.

Is there a script? Unclear.

But it is a comedy, right? A comedy about severe mental illness?! Who would do such a thing?!

You. You psychopath. Fair enough.

So it’s a PLAY? No it’s not a f*cking play. F*ck off.

That's Not My Name is 75 minutes of complete carnage in the form of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy speaking to the insanity of Psychiatry, labels and our mental health system.

Written & Performed by Sammy Trotman
Created by Covered in Jam
Produced by ASYLUM Arts Associate
Produced by Brightmouth Productions
Directed by Jake Rix
Light and Sound by Scott Ward


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