"Is she psychotic or is she a genius?" My story. Your choice.

That's Not My Name is new anti-psychiatric theatre, written by emerging character comedian Sammy Trotman, beelining for Brighton after hurtling its way around London fringe theatres.

Described as a "complex metaphor for the social understanding of madness" (The Play's The Thing), TNMN is 75 minutes of stand up, spoken word and physical theatre challenging the ethics of psychiatry and its labels through the eyes of a sociopathic biped with more mental illnesses than you have friends.

★★★★★"It isn't any normal show, which is exactly the point: deconstructing what normal is" (Broadway Baby)
★★★★★ "An essential conversation about the conventions of the patriarchal and capitalist lens pervading the mental health care ecosystem" (North West End)
★★★★★ "Unique, dynamic and thought-provoking" (London Fringe Theatre)
★★★★ "Enlightening and infuriating" (The Reviews Hub)
★★★★ "Reflects the delicate complexity of mental health" (Theatre and Arts Reviews)
★★★★★ "Sammy is both funny and sexy" (David, My Ex Psychiatrist)

Performed by Sammy Trotman
Directed by Jake Rix
Produced by Covered in Jam


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