Calling all parents of tiny humans - the bum wipers, bedtime boppers and snack dispensers...

You are invited to join actor musician Sophie Ross for a brand-new comedy musical that pokes fun at the highs, lows and dizzying delights of parenting.

Bring your baby, sure. They'll love it too (there will be bubbles).
But this is absolutely something for YOU.

We pose the difficult questions: would you rather discover that you have poo under your thumbnail or in your fringe? Is your 9-month-old carbon neutral? (if not, why not?) Can ANYBODY win at parenting?

Come and laugh along with Soph and fellow parents as we navigate these Swings and Roundabouts together. With original songs, fun and games, emotional ups and downs, a heap of laughs and oh so much solidarity.

Sophie Ross is an actor, musician, songwriter and Mum. Swings and Roundabouts has been developed in collaboration with a team of parent artists in order to begin to combat some of the isolation and loneliness experienced by new parents.


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