One beach. Two idiots. Little adventure. Huge heart

Mr Sea and Mr Sand are very different. They look different. They act differently. They are very different. And now they are stuck on the same part of the beach together. They both want to enjoy it in their own way. But can they learn to share?

Whirlpools of laughter, some smelly seaweed and frying pants. Sunshine encourages the child in all of us to play and accept ourselves for the wonderful creatures we are!

Highly interactive, brilliantly bonkers, life-affirming Sunshine for everyone.

Audiences are promised plenty of belly laughs, fun and the odd bit of flying seaweed in this often sold-out show.

"Imagine every possible thing that would make children howl with laughter and then roll them all into one show." ★★★★★ (Edinburgh With Kids)

"Superbly funny play that reaches far beyond the walls of the theatre." ★★★★★(The Upcoming)

"Superbly funny play that reaches far beyond the walls of the theatre" ★★★★★ (The Upcoming)

Fantastically funny, beautifully bonkers, wonderfully weird, totally terrific, absolutely anarchist and wholly heart-warming." ★★★★★ (Ash Perrin)

"This interactive show is a must-see for all the family." ★★★★★ (Families Edinburgh Magazine)

"One of the most enjoyable elements of this show is listening to the sound of uncontrollable laughter from audience members of both the small and larger varieties. Full of brightness and warmth." ★★★★ (The Family Stage)

"Children’s Theatre is so important and can be difficult to pull off, but Sunshine really gets it right." ★★★★. (Ed Fringe Review)


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