Lily (an engineer) and her husband Jasper (a tech billionaire) have spent more than a decade building their life together. But on the night of their tenth wedding anniversary, a secret long hidden shakes the foundation of their relationship. Now they must attempt to find common ground through urgent discussion about the climate crisis, misogyny in the workplace, and the impact of colonisation.

Strange Orbits is a debut play by former SpaceX engineer Carly Hendricks. Inspired by personal experience, classical theatre, and cinematic sci-fi, it explores the limits of romantic love when misaligned values are revealed. Passion, ambition, idealism, and ego all play a role as Lily and Jasper navigate tectonic shifts in their relationship. As their professional and personal lives intertwine, we get a glimpse into the privileged lives of technologists doing what they believe is best for the greater good.

What would you do, if all you thought you knew
Was suddenly ripped out from under you?


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