Disheartened with society, a man takes solace in the beauty of nature, and finds a joyous escape. However, it's not long before this escape is threatened by the very evils he was trying to flee. He must shape up if he is to help his new friends survive.

In a confused and data-drenched world, how can we see the truth of anything and hold on to what’s important?
A sharp, comedy adventure through quantum theory, alternate realities, scientific discoveries, big data, AI, love and 38,000 starlings.

“Beautiful writing” - John Higgs

“.. it’s an hour of engaging, innovative and original comedy.” - Camden fringe /

“Jackanory on drugs” - Blogspot9 Manchester

“..darkly comic, and disturbing.” - Manchester fringe

“Leave logic at the door and be prepared for an hour of splendid nonsense.” - Buxton fringe


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