The Edinburgh Fringe 2023 cult hit returns to Brighton Fringe: Tired of being treated like an animal at work because of their autism, this award-winning (Keep it fringe 2023) clown becomes the animal in various skits & bits including dog holy communion, crab communication, sexy bees along with reflections on the autistic experience and dealing with the struggles that this brings in a world that claims it doesn't want people to BEE themselves. Stephen will bring you into the neurodiverse point of view (for Neurotypicals and Neurodiverse alike).

Warning the show does not feature as many bees as the title implies; this is not a show on bees also the show is more about SHOWING autism than just talking about it.

"Catling dares to do what many autistic individuals are taught to avoid at all costs: fully unmask... Pushes the boundaries of the sympathetic theatrical response by bringing audience members into the neurodiverse thought process." - Playbill
"Magnificently irreverent...charming and utterly bonkers." - The Review hub

A rising star of the UK circuit with multiple accolades including:

Finalist in Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year finalist (2023) & Stand-up for Cider Finalist (2023)
Shortlisted for: BBC New Comedy Award (2023)
Malcolm Hardee Award (for comic originality) (2023)
Actually, autistic excellence award (2023)
The Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary Award (2023)
Recommended by British Comedy Guide (2023) & BN1 Magazines pick of the Brighton Fringe (2023)


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