Emily is finally ready to come out as a transgender woman. However, she worries that she will be ostracized by relatives and face workplace discrimination. She soon experiences the strain of being openly trans in friendships and relationships, while staying closeted in her profession and to family.

Spit It Out is the new play written by Alice Stephens (Creative Writing PhD candidate, University of Essex) and directed by Noah Alfred Pantano (Standing On A Nail). The play stars trans actress Audrey Thompson as Emily. Joe Eason (Two Come Home), Robyn Faye (Les Enfants Terribles) and Isobel Sheards (The S is Silent) accompany Thompson to play a cascade of characters that complicate Emily's coming out.

Spit It Out was written as part of Stephens's M.A. Creative Writing dissertation at the University of Essex. Following a sold-out premiere in Colchester and a work-in-progress performance at a London festival, Pantano & Co. are excited to finally fully mount this hilarious and heartbreaking new queer work.

Audiences Rave In Colchester For Spit It Out:
"Bloody brilliant!"
"Brutally funny."
"High energy and outstanding performances from the ensemble"
"A brilliant blend of humor and pathos"
"This is a phenomenally great play which absolutely deserves, no, MUST, be seen by a bigger, wider audience."


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