Written and Directed by Olugbeminiyi Bammodu.

When he finds out the mother of his son is in labour, John begins to panic. How do you raise a son in a world where men's bad behaviour is not only ignored but excused? As a second-generation Nigerian, John has been raised in a community where homophobia and archaic gender norms run rife. What do you do when everything you know about being a man doesn't equal being a good person?

An exploration of masculinity and men’s violence against women.

Concept Theatre is an award-winning theatre company founded by Olugbeminiyi Bammodu. Concept Theatre specialise in creating high-quality, innovative theatre through various styles and forms for audiences of all ages. Their productions aim to challenge perspectives, educate and entertain audiences.

Concept's previous show, "I'm Just a Little Bit OCD", performed at Southwark Playhouse, The Cockpit and Chickenshed.

"Theatre like this could save lives..."(Get The Chance) ★★★★


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