Presented in a blues / folk style with tight sibling harmonies, this Irish duo performs songs around a story of the influence, competition and respect that each artist had for the other. The choice and presentation of songs helps analyse the world-famous song writing partnership and considers the evolving relationship between the two composers. It is charismatic in its offering of subtle ‘sibling’ harmonies supported by acoustic guitar and harmonica. If you savour Lennon and / or McCartney, and appreciate a casual acoustic blues / folk style, you should relish the opportunity to see and hear this duo’s interpretations.

“Crisp, featherweight acoustic numbers, held together by precise, intricately-woven harmonies. The music is exquisite, the performers easy-going. The duo perfectly capture McCartney’s tender, optimistic lyricism and the strained, bluesy tension of Lennon. You are sure to walk out of this show smiling. ” ★★★★(The Wee Review).


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