Sing, Sign & Sensory offers sensory-based performance workshops tailored to infants between 0-24 months.

They are a first-of-their-kind and offer an immersive, creative experience in customised, inflatable sensory pods.

Each session has an engaging narrative, songs to sing along to, and visually captivating animations. The pods are equipped with projectors, fans, textured objects, and pleasant aromas to make for an enriching sensory journey.

Calling all parents and caregivers! Our interactive experience will captivate your little ones, taking them on a magical journey they'll never forget.

Immerse your baby in a morning of adventure as we explore the mysteries of the ocean together, play with the jungle animals, or journey into outer space. Through singing, signing, and sensory play, we'll stimulate their senses and ignite their curiosity.

With Sing, Sign and Sensory, your little one will develop important communication skills while having an absolute blast.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Little Lives UK. For babies aged 0 - 24 months.

The ticket price is £7.50 for 1 adult with baby/s.
Each additional adult or child over the age of 2 is an additional £5 each.


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