Sian loves men. But she has a toxic relationship with all her male role models.
The men she has admired throughout her life have done nothing but let her down. But why did she idolise them in the first place? And what do you do when your role models let you down?

An exploration of masculinity, gender and identity from a self-identifying butch woman who has an unhealthy obsession with The Smiths.

Join award-winning comedian Sian Davies, “a cross between Peter Kay and Zoe Lyons” (Beyond the Joke), as she develops her next hour of comedy.

Winner of Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize for Best in Class in 2022, Best Debut Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2020, runner up Funny Women Stage Award 2019 and winner of Hilarity Bites Best New Act 2018. Sian is working class and queer, and fiercely proud of belonging to both communities.

“A very funny observational stand-up... imagine a queer Peter Kay with more emotional literacy and a quiff like young Morrissey.” (The Evening Standard)

Supported by Homotopia.


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