An adorable work in progress from the world’s youngest, most normal comedian (don't look that up).

High-brow, guy’s gal, hates attention. Sarah Roberts can’t look at her own face without an Instagram filter but she can and will WhatsApp you a photo of her arsehole.

This “very brave” comedian touches on hard-hitting topics but in like, a lmfao-hitting way. Expect important and timely questions such as, “Was I Henry VIII in my past life?” “Would you still fancy me if I was a worm?” and “Can I vape on stage?” And maybe some stuff about death. Sorry!

“A phenomenal new talent, original and funny. Packed with punchlines. See her now, she’s destined for stardom!” (Catherine Bohart)

"Remarkable" (ThreeWeeks Edinburgh)

Funny Women Shorts Award Shortlist 2022 | BBC New Comedy Award Nominee 2022​ | Director’s Notes Pick of NFTS 2022 | Soho Theatre Labs Plus alumni 2022 | Leicester Square semi-finalist 2021 | 2Northdown semi-finalist 2021 | Rising Star finalist 2020


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